A seizure alert dog is a dog that has been specifically trained to assist a person who suffers from epilepsy. The dog will have been assessed both at the persons’ home and out in the field by a qualified trainer with the requisite specialist experience.

All Assistance Dogs are assessed by experts in order to ensure their trustworthy temperament. This is based on a long and careful assessment process that is undertaken over a period of several months. They are continually tested and assessed in a variety of situations before they are considered ready to be qualified. During the course of their training we ensure that they are entirely under control at all times and that they won’t constitute any sort of risk or nuisance to members of the public. All Assistance Dogs must pass various tests and these include tests relating not only to their standards of obedience but also proving that the dogs do perform the practical assistive tasks that their partner requires .

Seizure-Alert-Dogs-Org  requires that the person who is partnered with a Recognised Assistance Dog must receive comprehensive training in all aspects of dog behaviour, training and welfare in order that they are entirely safe to handle their dog in a variety of situations. No partner passes through the course if they are not deemed to have attained the correct standard. All Recognised Assistance Dogs must pass a Qualification Test during which they are handled entirely by their partner, before qualifying. This test encompasses obedience, both on and off lead, public access behaviour, specific assistive tasks and understanding of dog welfare and health.